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Available now: Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks

The UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems has gained popularity worldwide because it is an affordable yet fairly complete tool, feature-wise. However, the interface is so full of features that it can be hard to find out how to do things. This book is an answer to that need. It contains fifty different features and uses of Enterprise Architect that you probably don’t know, but that can make life as an Enterprise Architect user simpler and more fruitful.

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EA Cafe 7: the pictures

2010 March 16th. More than 80 Enterprise Architects and related professionals attended the event “Tools for the Enterprise Architect” with four tool vendors showing their offering. IBM, IDS Scheer, BizzDesign and Mega each gave a 30 minute presentation. Afterwards, there was ample opportunity to network, to drink a glass and eat a sandwich. And to visit vendor booths to ask questions and exchange contact information. A few pictures.

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Event 7: Tools for the Enterprise Architect

The response to the Fifth Architecture Cafe, about practical experiences with EA tools, organized by the BAEA was enormous. Participants asked us to organize a follow-up with more in-depth insight into the various tools that exist and how Enterprise Architects can benefit from using them.

The BAEA board therefore decided to have another Architecture Cafe with tooling as a subject.

We have invited the 4 leading tool vendors IBM, Mega, BiZZdesign and IDS Scheer to give a 30 minute presentation about their tool and to set up a demo booth.

The event will be held at the well-known Business Faculty in Brussels.


The Belgian Chapter welcomes you as off 17h30 with an appetizing sandwich buffet. Coming on time doesn’t only mean you can enjoy a tasty diner but you can also get acquainted with the demo booths of the different vendors as well.
At 18h00 sharp, the seventh Architect Café will kick off with the following agenda:
18h00 – 18h30: Mega
18h30 – 19h00: IBM
19h00 – 19h30: BiZZdesign
19h30 – 20h00: IDS Scheer

In order to be able to respect the timeline, we suggest you ask your questions afterwards on the demo booth of the vendor.

We look forward meeting you there!


Proud sponsors of this event:

Location and roadmap

Location and roadmap: see http://www.businessfaculty.be/html/default.asp?a=route

Date: Tuesday March 16th, 2010

Registration is necessary.

Event 5: Practical experiences with Enterprise Architecture tools


We are proud to present our fifth Architecture café which will be about Practical Experiences with Enterprise Architecture Tools.

Date: 2009, June 23d from 18h to 21h
(with networking event after the presentation)

Place: AE – Interleuvenlaan 27b – Heverlee
(Several GPS systems tend to show you the wrong way so do check the plan here.)


  • 18h: Interactive session by Ingrid Evers and Marc Vander Bracht “Requirements for Enterprise Architecture Tools”
  • 19h: Demonstration of three widely used tools – with pros and cons per tool. Demo by neutral users (not vendors)
  • 20h30: Networking with food & beverage by AE


  • MEGA: by Steven Laurent/Geert Lathouwers
  • ARIS: by Philip Van Langenhove
  • Enterprise Architect: by Joris Van denstorme

In March 2010, there is an event where several tool vendors will present their solution.

The result of this Architecture Café is available for subscribers.

  • Contact us if you are a tool vendor and you don’t want to miss this event.
  • Should you have any specific questions regarding tool requirements or experiences, do send them to us.

Best regards,

The Belgian Chapter of a|EA