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EA Cafe 12: Architecture with tangible business benefits.

A multidisciplinary approach to business architecture. How SD Worx succeeded in transforming a complicated and fragmented application landscape to a coherent and simplified architecture with tangible business benefits.

We will approach the transformation operation from three different perspectives:

  • that of the business manager who is responsible for funding the program and for reaping the benefits
  • that of the human interface designer who developed a suitable user interface architecture to support the business process
  • that of the architect who modeled the AS IS architecture and envisioned the TO BE application landscape

Each role will be filled in with a speaker:

  • Jan Boden is manager of the Central Services and Internal Processes department at SD Worx – KMO. He will speak about the business impact of the transformation operation: business drivers, the business process and the benefits.
  • Johan van Maldeghem is human interface designer with experience in describing business processes and developing highly usable interfaces. He will talk about the initial development of the main business application based on a set of scenarios he derived from a set of interviews with real users.
  • Peter Doomen is enterprise architect at SD Worx. His experience includes modeling complex landscapes and convincing management to take action. He will sketch the context of the transformation operation and talk about the main architecture principles that form the base of the TO BE application landscape.

The Architect Café will be held in the Namahn offices in Brussels. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h to 20h00 (with networking event after the presentations). To register, contact Inge.

Update: the presentations can be found here: