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EA Cafe 12: Architecture with tangible business benefits.

A multidisciplinary approach to business architecture. How SD Worx succeeded in transforming a complicated and fragmented application landscape to a coherent and simplified architecture with tangible business benefits.

We will approach the transformation operation from three different perspectives:

  • that of the business manager who is responsible for funding the program and for reaping the benefits
  • that of the human interface designer who developed a suitable user interface architecture to support the business process
  • that of the architect who modeled the AS IS architecture and envisioned the TO BE application landscape

Each role will be filled in with a speaker:

  • Jan Boden is manager of the Central Services and Internal Processes department at SD Worx – KMO. He will speak about the business impact of the transformation operation: business drivers, the business process and the benefits.
  • Johan van Maldeghem is human interface designer with experience in describing business processes and developing highly usable interfaces. He will talk about the initial development of the main business application based on a set of scenarios he derived from a set of interviews with real users.
  • Peter Doomen is enterprise architect at SD Worx. His experience includes modeling complex landscapes and convincing management to take action. He will sketch the context of the transformation operation and talk about the main architecture principles that form the base of the TO BE application landscape.

The Architect Café will be held in the Namahn offices in Brussels. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h to 20h00 (with networking event after the presentations). To register, contact Inge.

Update: the presentations can be found here:

EA Cafe 10: The Business Value of Enterprise Architecture, illustrated by a case study.


First of all best wishes for the New Year!

We at the Belgian Chapter will promote Enterprise Architecture even more in 2011 with 3 Architect Café’s that offer both theoretical and practical cases.

To kick-start our new season we proudly present you on Thursday 3rd March the following topic: The Business Value of Enterprise Architecture, illustrated by a case study.

This interesting topic is brought to you by Patrick Vandeputte. He holds a Master in Engineering and an MBA and has some 20 years of experience with ICT in various functions. While working for bpost since 2003 he currently leads the Enterprise Architecture team at bpost since 2008. Since then the EA team has been heavily involved in all major business projects and a formal Architecture Board has been integrated as a mandatory quality gate in the E2E demand management process. Last year he initiated an ambitious multi-year corporate EA program ‘WRIGHT’ aiming at better alignment between business and ICT.

RealDolmen will be the host of this Architect Café. Location: De Jachthoorn (Kontich).

Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h to 19h30 (with networking event after the presentations). If you would like to register, please click here.

For the next Architect Café’s, please save the following dates:
– Thursday May 26th 2011 Diegem
– Tuessday Sept. 13th 2011 Brussels

We are looking forward meeting you in March!

Best regards,

The Belgian Chapter of a|EA

PS. We are always looking for interesting presentations, valuable case studies and possible hosting locations.

EA Café 9: Cross-Enterprise Architecture Reality Check – A Case Study

About the Topic:

‘Case Study: Cross-Enterprise Architecture Reality Check’ tells the story of Swiss Life’s Germany and Switzerland entities, who previously operated mostly autonomously, but cooperated in a joint program, named Pulse, in 2007 to bring variable annuity life insurance products to Europe through a new shared service center in Luxemburg. The corporation had just strategically reoriented, and would soon have to prove its stability through 2008’s turbulent times in the financial markets. This has truly put the flexibility and “apt competitive cost” of Swiss Life’s enterprise architecture to the test.
We will look at how the compliance requirements and the innovative business model were enabled, building on the existing architectures. Which key lessons can be drawn from the established architecture, after subsequent corporate decisions with deep impact on the organisation, while simultaneously extending the architecture (as well as building a new one) to enable consecutive different-than-foreseen business models in Austria and Switzerland through 2009 and 2010

About the facilitator:

Erwin Glassée has served as the Pulse program architect through 2008, based in Zürich until mid 2010. Coming from his previous engagement as country enterprise architect for Swiss Life Belgium, he experienced life as an architect at Swiss Life Group both in Rome (physically conveniently located in Zürich) and in the provinces. Erwin has performed previous engagements as consulting IT architect, project manager, business analyst and software engineer (both custom and product software). Erwin is currently ICT Architect and ICT Security Officer at Delta Lloyd Life, starting september 2010.


Microsoft will be the host of this Architect Café.

Doors are open as from 17h30 and presentations will be held from 18h to 20h (with networking event after the presentations). If you would like to register, please click here.

Event 3: EA in government and in the financial world

Third event 2008 Nov. 27th (Brugge, Cordier House, Langerei 5, Crossroad Consulting).

With kind sponsorship by Sybase, Cordys, IT Works and Crossroad Consulting.

The first speaker is Peter Strickx, Chief Technology Officer. He will introduce us to the role of Enterprise Architecture in the federal government. As responsible for systems architecture and standards since 2001, Peter has been narrowly involved with defining and implementing technical buildings blocks for federal government applications.

The second speaker is Raoul Dorissen (Axa). His topic will investigate Enterprise Architecture in the financial world. Raoul has been Enterprise Architect with Axa Insurance & Bank for years. In this context, he has been following evolutions in the architecture discipline. Within AXA, he founded the adaptation of the TOGAF ADM framework.

The presentations of this Architecture Café are available for subscribers.

Event 1: Where the rubber hits the road

Architecture Café (2008 June, 19th): The Belgian Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects started with the first architecture café titled “Where the rubber hits the road: a pragmatic way of starting enterprise architecture in your organisation” a case study by SD Worx, followed by a group discussion. After the case study, a refreshment was offered by inno.com.

The presentation of this Architecture Café is available for subscribers.