EA Café 28: Case study – architecture in an agile context

Tuesday 13.10.2015, ING, Brussel

Dear EA professional,

We invite you to the 28th EA Café where our colleagues at ING will share their lessons learned from scaling Agile, including:

  • Context – why does ING go agile?
  • Agile at team level
  • Architecture at program level
  • Architecture at portfolio level
  • Challenges and outlook to the future

As we can accommodate max. 80 persons at this event, ensure your seat by reserving now!


  • 17.30 Doors
  • 18.00 Case study
  • 19.00 facilitated discussion
  • 20.00 Networking event


St-Michielswarande / Cour Saint-Michel 60, 1040 Brussels

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The BAEA team

Proud sponsor of this event:

The presentation of EA Cafe 28 can be downloaded here:
Agile at Scale at ING Belgium

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    1. Thomas, please use the link in the above post to send the registration email in order to make sure you are properly registered

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