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EA Café 27: Case Study – setting up an EA Office

Thursday 21.05.2015, AE, Heverlee

Dear EA professional,

We invite you to the 27th EA Café where our colleagues at the Flemish Government will share their lessons learned from setting up an Enterprise Enterprise Architecture Office.

This session will give insight in the drivers behind setting up a formal EA Office; its role within the organization, how it is positioned to IT governance etc.

Since 2013, the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (MOW) has created an Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO). During this 60 minute session, the speakers will give insight into the drivers that were behind setting up a formal EAO, the mandate it has within the organization, its link to IT Governance etc. In the second part of the presentation, the speakers will share the lessons learned and facilitate an exchange of thoughts with the participants.

Philip Van Langenhove is a Senior Consultant at Gartner Consulting, and has been a trusted advisor to regional, federal and international government agencies for more than 10 years, mainly in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy.

Kris Christiaens is since 2014 Chief Enterprise Architect at MOW (Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works).

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  • 17.30 Doors
  • 18.00 Case study
  • 19.00 facilitated discussion
  • 20.00 Networking event


Interleuvenlaan 27/B, 3001 Heverlee
T +32 16 39 30 60
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