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EA Café 26: BAEA Open Space Conference

Thursday 26.03.2015, RealDolmen, Huizingen

Dear EA professional,

We organize a second edition of our Open Space Conference where we use the approach of Open Space Technology (OST) in which…

  • the issues that are most important to people will get discussed
  • the issues raised will be addressed by the participants best capable of getting something done about them
  • all of the most important ideas, recommendations, discussions and next steps will be documented in a report


  • 17.30 Doors
  • 18.00 Welcome – intro – OST rules
  • 18.15 Agenda brainstorming, prioritization and planning
  • 18.30 Start of the BAEA Open Space Conference (BOSC)
  • 19.30 Report BOSC result
  • 20.00 Networking event


Industriezone Zenneveld

A. Vaucampslaan 42, 1654 Huizingen

T +32 2 801 55 55

Google Driving directions

Detailed location map

Make sure to reserve your seat now!

Best regards,
The BAEA team

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