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EA Café 24: Linking EA to innovation (with Flanders DC)

23/09/2014 at Crossroad, Mechelen


Dear EA professional,

Summer has been more than generous so far and as BAEA we will spoil you even more with a creative Architect Café on September 23rd. We proudly introduce Peter Bertels who will organize a workshop and shows how innovation and creative entrepreneurship can boost your company. Where do new ideas come from? How can you make them happen? Or how do you focus new ideas into the existing strategy of your company? This hands-on session gives useful insights and some practical tools, ready to be implemented.

Peter Bertels is an innovation expert combining both technical skills and se​nse of business. In the daytime he stimulates creativity and innovation in Flemish companies at Flanders DC, spreading concepts like design thinking, business modelling or customer development. At night and during the weekend, he puts these ideas into practice at Dwengo, his own startup project, winner of the Google RISE Award in 2013 and 2014.

Crossroad will be the host of this Architect Café. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h00 to 20h00 (with networking event after the presentations).

Make sure to reserve your seat now!

Best regards,

The BAEA team

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