EA Café 23: Linking EA to Enterprise Investment

15/05/2014 at Deloitte, Diegem.


Enterprise Investment, combining EA and Investment Portfolio Management

Dear EA professional,

How good is your organisation at investing in the structure and value it needs to succeed?  In many enterprises, up to 70% of projects still fail to deliver the outcomes they promise, despite having ‘best practice’ project management and governance.  As a result, senior management struggle to realize in practice the full potential of Enterprise Architecture, and the contribution of their Enterprise Architects.

At the heart of every organization’s performance at delivering success from change is its strategy for Enterprise Investment.  This strategy drives projects to deliver the enterprise goals as efficiently as possible, through the powerful combination of Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management.    It is a strategy that is as much about the enterprise culture as its structure and process – so every Enterprise Architect needs to know how to diagnose the “investment culture”, leverage its strengths and deal with its weaknesses.

In this stimulating and inspirational session, Chris will explore the relationship between an organization’s investment culture and the success of its projects.  He will show examples of real-life culture diagnoses – highlighting strengths, weaknesses and apparent paradoxes – and offer a strategy for both leveraging and redesigning the culture to deliver better architecture and value from projects.

This session will be given by Chris Potts. He is a world-leading specialist in corporate strategies for Enterprise Investment – combining Enterprise Architecture with Investing in Change.  He is a hands-on corporate strategist, a mentor to CIOs, their executive colleagues, Enterprise Architects and Investment Portfolio Managers.

He is the author of the world’s only trilogy of business novels, The FruITion Trilogy:  “FruITion”, “RecrEAtion” and “DefrICtion”.

Deloitte will be the host of this Architect Café. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h00 to 20h00 (with networking event after the presentations).

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