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EA Café 21: BAEA Open Space Conference

Dear EA professional,

68 consultants will spend two hours working on your problem … for free!

Ever heard of Open Space Technology (OST)? The OST is an approach to conferences where…

The issues that are most important to people will get discussed.
The issues raised will be addressed by the participants best capable of getting something done about them.
All of the most important ideas, recommendations, discussions, and next steps will be documented in a report.

Participants will feel engaged and energized by the process.

To be successful, an Open Space Conference must have high levels of:

  • complexity, in term of the tasks to be done or outcomes achieved. If Enterprise Architecture were easy, we wouldn’t organize BAEA conferences, would we? Instead, we would focus on something like proving the existence of undetected subatomic particles.
  • diversity, in terms of the people involved and/or needed to make any solution work. Since we started back in 2006, the BAEA participants list has been growing, both in size and diversity. We have business consultants, security experts, technology gurus , data specialists, and many other expertises, all gathering around the central topic of Enterprise Architecture.
  • real or potential conflict, meaning people really care about the central issue or purpose. In any case, we care enough about Enterprise Architecture to spend hours of costly and sparse free time…
  • urgency, meaning that the time to act was “yesterday”. As Enterprise Architects, we realize that ever increasing complexity and change urge us to do something about it…

2013 November 21st will be recorded in the Book of History as the date of the first BAEA Open Space Conference. Be sure not to miss it!


17h00: Doors
17h30: Welcome – intro – OST rules
17h45: Agenda brainstorming, prioritization and planning
18h00: Start of the BAEA Open Space Conference (BOSC)
19h30: Report BOSC results
20h00: End of the BOSC, start of the BAEA Café networking part

If you would like to register, send us an e-mail. The event will be hosted by Crossroad at their offices, Schaliënhoevedreef 20H in Mechelen.

We are always looking for interesting presentations, valuable case studies and possible hosting locations. Should you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Make sure to reserve your seat now!

Kind regards,

The BAEA team