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EA Cafe 20: Discover effective techniques to make your business architecture work

Dear EA professional,

After this hot and beautiful summer, it is time to launch a new season of interesting Architect Cafés. On Thursday 26th of September, we will focus on some effective techniques to make your business architecture work.

Koen Knaepen will reveal how mental frameworks or meta-models help you to define your Business (Architecture).

Business Architecture is quickly evolving to a mature practice. How can new business architects learn quickly what it is all about? How to tell whether a business architecture is a good one? The use of mental frameworks and meta-models in business architecture facilitates the discussions at all levels in the organization.

Koen is a business architect, business mentor and strategist. He has developed the Costa Model as a mental framework to support the strategic decision process and the strategy translation process in all kind of organizations.

Tom Graves will continue and explore a perhaps too-often ignored question in EA: “Where do people fit within Enterprise Architecture?”

Mainstream EA tends to focus on IT almost to the exclusion of everything else. Yet an organisation and its business consist of far more than just its IT – and our architecture needs to include those other themes too, if it is to work well in the real world. As a worked-example, this session shows how to use common frameworks such as Zachman and Business Model Canvas to reframe how we view some typical human themes in business, and how to apply the resulting insights and implications in our architectures – within and beyond IT.

AE will be the host of this Architect Café.

The Architect Café will be held in the AE offices in Heverlee (Interleuvenlaan 27b) on 26th of September. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h00 to 20h00 (with networking event after the presentations). If you would like to register, send us an e-mail.

We are always looking for interesting presentations, valuable case studies and possible hosting locations. Should you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Make sure to reserve your seat now!

Kind regards,

The BAEA team

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