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EA Café 11: An Agile Architecture with Domain Inheritance and Derivations

Dear EA professional,Our next Architect Café on May 26th will cover the following topic: An Agile Architecture with Domain Inheritance and Derivations.

No old wine in new bottles: an agile environment requires an agile architecture and the old concepts (like 3 tier, distributed objects and SOA) are not ready for it. The obvious architecture is a thorough integrated one without the architecture becoming a monolith.

This interesting topic is brought to you by Koen Van Exem, Managing Director at INXIN. He has more than 10 years experience with Agile and Lean Software Development. “Dimensional planning” is his contribution to the Agile & Lean range of ideas.

Koen is also Managing Director of Allors, an open source application (platform) that is most suited for Agile & Lean companies.

The presentation of Koen will be followed by a business case presented by Wald Westerlinck. At DSM he ran a program to change the DSM sourcing from local buying community to a global service buying center, from Business group towards Hub structure.

HP will be the host of this Architect Café.

The Architect Café will be held in the HP offices in Diegem. Doors are open as from 17h30 and the presentations will be held from 18h to 19h30 (with networking event after the presentations). If you would like to register, please click here.

We are always looking for interesting presentations, valuable case studies and possible hosting locations. Should you have any suggestions, please let us know.
We are looking forward to meeting you in May!Best regards,

The Belgian Chapter of a|EA