Event 4: Enterprise Architecture and Security

“Enterprise Architecture and Security”

Can Enterprise Architecture contribute to the security of the enterprise? In what way is a security architecture part of the Enterprise Architecture? Two knowledgeable speakers, André Mariën and Marc Sel, will give a short, compelling presentation about Enterprise Architecture and Security.

Afterwards, a drink will be offered by LoQutus. An ideal way to network with fellow Enterprise Architects!

André Mariën: Secure Architecture, from strategy over concept to design. As with all other aspects of IT architecture, security needs to be business driven. How can risks and control objectives (identified in and linked to business processes) be translated into a security strategy that leads to a secure architecture?

Marc Sel: Security architecture – case studies and a generic model A discussion of some implementations of security architectures in practice, followed by the presentation of a generic security architecture model. The presented model was actually awarded a prize by the British Computer Society in 2002.


Location: conference room “Rector Blancquaert” of Het Pand, Ghent (see route description here) Parking: available at Sint Michiels Parking (P7) Date: 2009 March. 26th 18-20h

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