Event 3: EA in government and in the financial world

Third event 2008 Nov. 27th (Brugge, Cordier House, Langerei 5, Crossroad Consulting).

With kind sponsorship by Sybase, Cordys, IT Works and Crossroad Consulting.

The first speaker is Peter Strickx, Chief Technology Officer. He will introduce us to the role of Enterprise Architecture in the federal government. As responsible for systems architecture and standards since 2001, Peter has been narrowly involved with defining and implementing technical buildings blocks for federal government applications.

The second speaker is Raoul Dorissen (Axa). His topic will investigate Enterprise Architecture in the financial world. Raoul has been Enterprise Architect with Axa Insurance & Bank for years. In this context, he has been following evolutions in the architecture discipline. Within AXA, he founded the adaptation of the TOGAF ADM framework.

The presentations of this Architecture Café are available for subscribers.

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