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The board of the BAEA

The Board of the BAEA

The Board elections 2008 took place at June, 26th.

  • President: Ingrid Evers (Crossroad Consulting)
  • Vice President/Secretary: Peter Doomen (SD Worx)
  • Treasurer/Membership Chairman: Joachim Vanden Brande (LoQutus)


  • Patrick Van Renterghem (I.T. Works)
  • Kristof Dierckxsens (
  • Marc Vander Bracht (vb-consult)
  • Jacques Colle (
  • Inge Lauwers (LoQutus)
  • Kurt Cuijpers (De Lijn)
  • Philip Van Langenhove (Deloitte)
  • Steven Laurent (ae)
The BAEA Board. From left to right: Marc, Patrick, Jacques, Ingrid (president), Inge, Peter (vice president/secretary). Not on photo: Joachim (treasurer), Kristof, Philip, Steven.

How to subscribe for events

Why subscribe to the BAEA mailing list?

How to subscribe?

For all open events, subscription is necessary by sending an email to the BAEA registration team.

We hope to welcome you soon at one of our BAEA events!